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REPORT: Jim Jordan will lead the Select Committee on “Weaponization of Government”

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A new select committee led by Jim Jordan will be established in the 118th House of Representatives to investigate the misuse of authority and the weaponization of government. This inquiry, which comes in the wake of the significant discoveries made public by the recent release of the Twitter Files, will require emails and other correspondence between the Biden administration and major tech firms.

Kevin McCarthy, the newly elected House Speaker, was asked to establish the committee as part of the negotiations that brought him to power, according to Axios. McCarthy was elected to Speaker following a contentious, hard-fought battle on the House floor last week as power and priority struggles played out in his own party. Jordan was one of the 15 members of Congress who voted in favor of McCarthy last week, along with the majority of his party.

According to the same report, the investigation of interactions between President Biden’s advisors and tech firms will search for evidence of government pressure that might have led to conservatives being muzzled or harassed or the discussion of divisive initiatives, like the CDC’s COVID, being silenced.

Investigations will also be conducted into the use of the Biden administration’s Justice Department to pursue upset parents who spoke up during school board meetings. The letter from the National School Boards Association asking a DOJ inquiry against these parents was found to have been requested by Merrick Garland’s DOJ in the first place, thanks in large part to Ohio’s Jordan. The leader of the NSBA was then awarded a prestigious position in the current government.

The subject of this new GOP probe will also be Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s Covid czar. According to The Twitter Files, social media businesses were under pressure to support Democratic Party policies regarding Covid and Covid treatments.

Concerns about parents speaking up first surfaced when a man spoke out at a school board meeting in Loudon County, Virginia, against the board and officials for covering up the rape of his daughter by another student in the school bathroom. The Biden administration utilized the man’s outburst against parents who opposed mandated masking in schools, pornographic and explicit content, as well as critical race and gender theory after he was apprehended.

While the GOP controls the House but not the Senate or the White House, they will surely be able to start investigations to determine how much the Biden administration misled and manipulated the American public, but they are unlikely to be able to make or pass laws because of the lack of votes in the Senate.