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House Republicans Warn of Leftist, Soros-backed Takeover of Radio Mambi: ‘It Will Fail As a Company’

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The purchase of Radio Mambi has been in the news this week and has generated the reaction of several politicians. This is the case of Representatives Mario Díaz-Balart, María Elvira Salazar, and Carlos A. Giménez, who issued a statement in which they assure that the intention of the left is to put an end to the freedom of ideas.

“For years, an increasingly radical left has sought to silence conservative Hispanic voices in South Florida,” the congressmen said in a statement.

They added: “Radio Mambi became a legendary home for anti-communist voices in South Florida because it was one of the few places where those who value freedom of thought could speak their minds and argue against socialist tyranny in our hemisphere. We are concerned that this purchase of Radio Mambi is a thinly veiled attempt to stifle voices inconvenient to progressive liberals. If true, it will be yet another attempt by the left to erofe First Amendment rights and a free marketplace of ideas.”

However, they stressed that Hispanic citizens will stand firm with their values in favor of the ideas of liberty. “If this is an attempt by the left to sell Hispanics on their woke ideology and culture wars, then we predict that this venture is doomed to fail like Air America did. Hispanics are much smarter than that.”