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Republican Leaders Ask Mark Cuban to Sell the Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, decided not to play the national anthem during the past 13 games at their American Airlines Center. This put the team and Cuban in the eye of the storm and he has already been asked to sell the team.

Although Mark Cuban has already reversed his decision after the NBA made its statement, Texas politicians called his actions disrespectful to a large majority of citizens who do want to maintain an iconic tradition.

No one at the Texas Capitol has accepted Cubans controversial explanation that the decision was made while he was having conversations with some members of the community who disagreed with the playing of the national anthem before every game.

Texan legislators, especially Republicans, who have already announced that they will review everything related to the tax exemption for the American Airlines Center, described Cuban’s attitude as “hypocritical” and disrespectful to what should be a true democracy.

For his part, Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick urged Cuban, in a tweet, to “sell the franchise and some Texas Patriots will buy it.”

Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, in a statement Wednesday was categorical in reiterating his long-standing policy that “all teams will play the national anthem.”

Silver also told the league’s 30 teams that all types of social protests and support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which took place at the end of last season on the Orlando bubble, would not be repeated this season.

The NBA has posted more than $1 billion in losses, with television ratings at their lowest in its history.

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