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GOP Calls for New International Criminal Tribunal to Investigate Cuban Regime

In a letter, congressmen called for strong action in support of Cuban people

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A group of more than 140 Republican legislators are asking Biden administration, governments of the region and the European Union to set up an international criminal tribunal to investigate the human rights violations implemented by the communist regime of Miguel Díaz-Canel after the massive protests staged by Cubans on the island.

In a letter addressed to the Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union and the U.S. Secretary of State, senators implore strong action in support of the Cuban people.

“It is time to finally end the evil and murderous reign of the communist, illegitimate Cuban regime that has murdered, tortured and oppressed for far too long,” said the lawmakers led by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CF).

“The international community must stand with the Cuban people in their fight for freedom against the illegitimate communist Cuban regime.”


The letter specifically calls on world leaders to investigate reports that “Cuban activists have been kidnapped, unjustly imprisoned, physically maimed and murdered on a regular basis.”

“We encourage you to work with us in forming an International Criminal Tribunal for Cuba for crimes against humanity and work to hold the communist regime accountable,” they added.

The Republican demands come amid a lack of agreement on how to react to the Cuban demonstrations and what the Biden Administration’s responses should be to sanction the tyranny and support the protests.

On Tuesday, July 20, officials told The Hill that the White House has established two working groups to evaluate whether to allow remittances to Cuba and restore consular services. A senior administration official said this would be combined with efforts to “generate international pressure against the regime, designating sanctions against those responsible for violence and repression against peaceful protesters, as well as helping Cubans access the Internet.”

“We don’t want remittances, we want freedom”: Republican legislators and Cubans respond to Biden

Cubans in the United States and on the island rejected Biden’s announcement to analyze the sending of remittances to the island.

“It is inconceivable that at this time when the Cuban people are being massacred, Biden convenes a working group on remittances to weaken sanctions, as requested by the dictatorship. The majority of the Cuban people, especially Afro-Cubans, do not have access to remittances,” said Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL).

Díaz-Balart assured that the only thing the Cuban people need is for Biden to “lead the international community for their immediate freedom and provide access to an Internet network that cannot be blocked by the dictatorship”.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) recalled that it is the Cuban regime, not the United States, that prevents remittances from being sent directly to Cubans and criticized White House Cuba policymakers.

“The people in charge of #Cuba policy in the @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse are longtime supporters of appeasement of the regime & are looking to use these protests as an opportunity to achieve their goals.” Rubio denounced on his Twitter account.

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