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Residente’s Deep Communist Ties Exposed… Again

Le recuerdan los vínculos socialistas a Residente luego de polémica con J Balvin

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Rapper René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, continues to generate controversy on social networks. Now, several users of digital platforms recalled the links that the singer has had with the left in the world.

The situation was generated after a discussion with the Colombian singer J Balvin. It all started when the Colombian asked to boycott the Grammy Awards after claiming that there were irregularities in the selection of nominees and winners.

“Tell your old man that instead of comparing you to economist Peter as if you were an economic genius, tell him to teach you values because not everything in life is business, not everything in life is money; money is important, but not everything is that, there is also honesty and loyalty,” Residente responded in a video to J Balvin’s boycott call.

The comments sparked a reaction from social media users, who began to recall Residente’s closeness to leftist movements and socialist leaders in Latin America.

In fact, many began to share photos of Residente’s meetings with personalities such as Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, and Pablo Iglesias.

Residente and socialism

And it was not only the users of social networks: there were also journalists who criticized the Puerto Rican’s statements. For example, Venezuelan journalist Sergio Monsalve, who specializes in culture and entertainment, wrote a column entitled: “Residente, come out of your Chavista closet”.

In it, the journalist makes a tour of the singer’s actions that link him to the interests of leftist politicians. Likewise, he lists the times Residente traveled to events of the Chavista regime in Venezuela.

“The first time you did it on April 13, 2008, to promote the classic Chavista campaign of “every eleven has its thirteen”, in view of the regional elections that were on their way”, Monsalve assured.

He added: “Unlike you, Balvin never lent his music and his voice to promote the dictators of Latin America, the populist tyrants from south of the border, like your friends Hugo Rafael and Daniel Ortega.”

In addition, the most shared image on Twitter was one from 11 years ago in which Residente is wearing a t-shirt praising Hugo Chávez. “Chávez nominated for best pop artist,” was the phrase he had.

However, in a publication, the Puerto Rican singer assured that he was not a Chavista, nor a communist, nor a socialist, nor a right-winger or a leftist. “Those on the left say I’m right-wing, those on the right say I’m left-wing and I say they are color blind,” he wrote on Twitter.

Back in July, he had spoken about both political positions. “When the extreme left and the extreme right criticize you it’s because you did something right,” he commented.

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