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Rick Ferran: ‘Conservative Latinos Are One of the Most Censored Voices in the U.S.’

Rick Ferran

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El American Chief Correspondent Anna Paulina Luna sat down for an exclusive interview with Navy veteran and conservative influencer Rick Ferran to address Afghanistan, the Hispanic vote, network censorship and the Second Amendment.

Ferran is the creator and moderator of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, an online organization run by Navy veterans and aimed at a patriotic American audience. On their website, they define themselves as a community dedicated to “uncensored freedom with independent and non-politically correct content that defends our Constitutional values.” It has grown to hundreds of thousands of followers between Facebook and Instagram, but has been consistently censored.

He was born in Cuba, survived communism, and always dreamed of joining the United States Marine Corps (USMC). According to his own words, he decided to use the networks to express his opinions against the “advance of socialism” in an attempt to “wake up the American people” from experience.

USMC, Rick Ferran’s First Censorship and the Urgency of Latinos

Given the Marines’ history of fighting communism around the world, Ferran decided to use their initials in a new acronym and share that mission on the Internet. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children was born, and within months he had 650,000 followers.

Soon after, he created one of the web’s first radio shows, The Uncle Sam’s Nation Podcast, which gave him the opportunity to interview major conservative voices. But the growth had consequences.

“Creating that social media put a target on my back right away,” Rick Ferran confessed to Anna Paulina. Facebook’s first block, according to his account, began by accusing him of promoting pornographic content for using hashtags like #GunPorn. Although they lifted the censorship months later, his multiple attempts to grow were being thwarted by the platform.

When Donald Trump launched his candidacy, Ferran’s platform gave its public support and, although he grew from hundreds of thousands to two million followers, Facebook “dropped the hammer” of censorship more severely and his account was closed along with several others under the excuse that they were acting “as Russian bots.”

Ferran is very clear about the need in the Hispanic Latino community to have a “conservative voice” that is able to represent them. The influencer believes that the Hispanic community in the United States is exposed to “socialist ideas” popularized in the mainstream media.

“Conservative Latinos are one of the most censored voices in the United States,” said Rick Ferran. “There is a plan to censor us because what we talk about goes against everything the Democrats are selling and the open borders plan,” he continued.

Questioning Afghanistan: disastrous withdrawal or controlled chaos?

“Nothing is what it seems,” Ferran said when asked by Anna Paulina about the disaster in Afghanistan. The veteran sees the withdrawal disaster as part of a wave of “controlled terror,” with people in power who are not interested in the common good.

Ferran believes that the White House’s attitude towards Afghanistan gives the impression that politicians are taking advantage of the chaos and thinks that Americans will have to face “double war: terrorism along with COVID-19”.

In addition, the influencer questions the sources of media such as The New York Times in such difficult moments as the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. “Where do they get their information from?” asks Rick Ferran. “This is the same New York Times that Project Veritas is suing and pushed all this lies about collusion with Russia.”

He also suspects that a government “very corrupt,” as he puts it, could profit from the American debacle in Afghanistan.

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