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The Right Needs to Re-Learn How to Wield its Power

La derecha tiene que aprender a usar el poder de nuevo

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It seems increasingly obvious that what we know today as the mainstream “right” has cowered in the face of being called “fascist” or “authoritarian” and therefore many of the leaders of the right refuse or recoil when it comes to using power. The power that has been vested in them. The power that they have won legitimately.

The left has triumphed in a psychological manner we often don’t account for. They have no problem wielding power when they have it. They also use power by brandishing what they deem to be moral superiority over the rest of us, and after all, according to Stefan Molyneux, “the pretense of virtue is the foundation of power.”

The current mainstream right, however, has been bullied to seldom their power for fear of public leftist and liberal backlash.

We have a situation now where Texas Governor Greg Abbott actually makes use of his power, and prohibits corporations in his state from forcing an experimental vaccine on their employees. People that need to feed their families, and often don’t have the luxury to simple “get another job” and “let the market vote” how many libertarians say.

La derecha tiene que aprender a usar el poder de nuevo/The Rights Need to Re-learn How to Wield its Power
Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas. (Twitter)

As a consequence of this rightful use of his powers as governor, “the right” criticizes what they deem an authoritarian move by the governor to stop authoritarian corporations from forcing regular people out of a job. Where the left sticks together, the right instead attacks itself.

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They miss the fact that not every political system is made for every time and place.

Nicolas Gomez Davila, a prominent Colombian philosopher, said once that “the cultured man has the obligation to be intolerant.” There are certain things that we simply should not be tolerating in the name of “freedom.” Are we supposed to be tolerating a society which gives its children puberty blockers and stops their normal development, so that they can later “decide what gender they are”? Some might argue that it is not the same. But there lies the issue. How do we decide where the limits should be on “freedom”? At least we can agree that there should be limits.

Often many on the right will limit themselves from using their power because they are afraid of “proving the leftists right.” Who cares? At this point, it does not matter if the leftists feel vindicated while the right finally makes use of their authority. This is not the time and place. What matters at this moment is defeating the subversive communist-Bolshevik elements which have taken over what seems to be most major American institutions.  This is not the time to appease liberals who are afraid of right-wing authoritarianism, as Winston Churchill says “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

You cannot beat liberal authoritarianism, with passive libertarianism.