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Rob Reiner and Hollywood’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Actor, screenwriter, producer and film director Rob Reiner seems intent on letting his left-wing political activism overshadow his professional career.

As the midterm elections approach, his political activism on Twitter has skyrocketed – more than usual – and he is compulsively posting in favor of Democrats and pouring out serious accusations about Republicans.

In what could be considered one of the clearest examples of the Trump Derangement Syndrome plaguing Hollywood, Rob Reiner tweeted that Trump was “100% responsible” of the attack on Paul Pelosi, and that he “he must be indicted and never be allowed to hold office.”

rob reiner trump derangement syndrome

Although there are serious doubts that the motivation for the assault on Paul Pelosi was political, Rob Reiner has not hesitated to attempt to politicize the attack to call for the use of state institutions to defuse a political rival.

Paradoxically, in subsequent tweets, he claims that “if you don’t vote for the Democrats or don’t vote at all, you are choosing to accept living under Fascism.”

The two tweets are just five days apart, but Rob Reiner doesn’t even bat an eyelid despite the blatant contradiction between the two.

In one, he takes fervent aim at one of the most representative tactics of fascism, that is, using the state apparatus to crush political dissent. In another, he claims that voting for the only party that exists in his mind will save the country from fascism.

Rob Reiner and the unbearable leftism of Hollywood

How right Ricky Gervais was when at the Golden Globes he asked artists to go up to collect their awards and just say thank you and stop making political speeches. Rob Reiner might as well devote himself to writing screenplays -which, by the way, he does very well- and stop writing on Twitter, especially now that with the purchase of Elon Musk he has the perfect excuse.

At this rate, he will end up being remembered more for his unhinged political radicalism than for his film career. In fairness, though, Rob Reiner has to be credited for one thing: his honesty.

By saying that only by voting for the Democratic Party will you not be seen as a fascist – even those who abstain are labeled as such – Rob Reiner at least does not engage in the euphemism that many of his colleagues employ when campaigning to get people to vote, plain and simple.

By this point in the movie, we already know that when a Hollywood entertainer encourages people to vote, he is actually asking people to vote for the Democratic Party. At least Rob Reiner doesn’t hide his activism behind the suffragette screen.

Mind you, his tweets give us a glimpse of what’s behind the scenes of his political thinking, and it’s possible that his obsession with seeing fascism everywhere is nothing more than a projection of the totalitarian tics that he himself – and almost all of Hollywood – seems to have.

Rob Reiner and the Trump Derangement Syndorme in Hollywood
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