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Roberta Jacobson Leaves Position as Biden’s ‘Border Czar’

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The White House announced Friday that Roberta Jacobson is stepping down as “border czar.” Jacobson’s decision comes in the midst of an unprecedented border crisis. The Biden-Harris administration assured that the departure is given because the time they had agreed upon was fulfilled.

“In accordance with her initial commitment to serve in the first 100 days of the administration. Ambassador Jacobson will retire from her position as border coordinator at the end of this month,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement.

Roberta Jacobson leaves her position during a crisis

According to the EFE, Jacobson assured that her commitment to the Biden administration was always temporary, and denied that it had anything to do with the surge in the arrival of undocumented immigrants at the border, which in March reached its highest level in 20 years.

Roberta Jacobson - El American
Roberta Jacobson leaves her post during the highest point of the border crisis (EFE/ Jose Valle)

Last week, Jacobson indicated that she planned to travel to Central America to talk about how to address the situation.

Her departure is announced a day after the Democratic administration revealed record numbers of arrests of undocumented immigrants at the border, with more than 172,000 in the month of March, among them almost 19,000 minors. An all-time high.

It is likely that Jacobson’s duties will be divided between Harris, the person in charge of Latin America at the White House, Juan González, and the person in charge of the Northern Triangle of Central America at the State Department, Ricardo Zúñiga.

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