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6 Rockets Fired at Israel from Lebanon but Landed on its Own Territory

Seis cohetes disparados hacia Israel desde el Líbano caen en su propio territorio

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Six rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon did not reach Israel, and, in fact, fell on Lebanese territory, an action to which Israeli troops responded with artillery fire against the launching sites.

“Six unsuccessful attempts to launch (rockets) from Lebanon that did not cross the border were identified,” said an Israeli military spokesman, who assured that “in response, Israeli artillery forces fired at the firing points.”

The projectile launches from Lebanon set off anti-aircraft alarms in Israeli communities near the so-called Blue Line, the demarcation established by the United Nations that separates these two countries that have fought several wars and do not maintain diplomatic relations.

The UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) specified on its Twitter account that the attack was perpetrated shortly before midnight from the area of Rashaya al Foukhar, in southern Lebanon, and confirmed that Israeli troops responded with artillery fire against the point of origin of the rockets.

The Lebanese Army and UNIFIL are conducting a “search” operation and the Blue Helmets have intensified their patrols and security measures in the area, where “calm” has now returned and Israeli return fire has ceased.

“UNIFIL commander Stefano del Col immediately contacted his counterparts in the Lebanese Army and Israeli forces to avoid any escalation of the situation,” the mission concluded on the social media.

Last Thursday, three other rockets were launched from Lebanon towards Israel. So far, the Israeli Army has not accused anyone of this action and no group claimed responsibility.

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