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Roger Ver: We Will Create ‘The World’s Very First Non-Nation State’

Roger Ver: We Will Create 'The World's Very First Non-Nation State'

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Roger Ver is one of the biggest proponents of the crypto economy, a man of strong convictions and libertarian ideals, and one of the visionaries who used his capital to develop the cryptocurrency world we know today.

Ver has also invested in several of the largest exchanges that today dominate the market, such as Kraken, Ripple, and Bitpay.

El American had the opportunity to talk to Roger Ver, who spoke about the struggles of nations in the hands of large states, the loss of individual freedoms, and of course cryptocurrencies and their future prospects for the decentralized economy.

Ver explained why he believes that Bitcoin Cash in the long term could, or at least should, surpass Bitcoin itself, and how the hard fork of the main cryptocurrency solves different problems and provides solutions to international trade.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist is the CEO and owner of bitcoin.com, as well as a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Today Roger Ver is the main promoter of Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency created from a hard fork of Bitcoin, which aims to reduce costs and transaction confirmation time on the blockchain; in addition to this, he seeks to take global trade through cryptocurrencies to another level.

Today Bitcoin Cash ranks ninth in the ranking of cryptocurrencies with the largest market capital with $25 billion.

The 42-year-old also shared with us his dream of founding a free territory: “We’re hoping to buy a big chunk of land from an existing nation-state, and literally pay them for the sovereignty of that land. And we’ll set up the world’s very first non-nation state”.

This dream is not just in his head. In fact, plans are already underway: “We’ve actually contracted with a university to write up the effective constitution […] And that is the goal we hope to achieve here.”

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