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Roger Waters’ Concerts in Poland Canceled Over his Support for Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Cancelan conciertos de Roger Waters en Polonia por su apoyo a Rusia en la invasión contra Ucrania

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Two concerts of British musician Roger Waters have been canceled in Krakow, as announced Sunday by the Tauron Arena in the Polish city, while the artist reported on social media that he has not suspended the performances.

Pink Floyd’s co-founder was due to perform in Krakow in April next year, but according to Polish media, some city councilors initiated arrangements to declare him persona non grata for his criticism of Western arms shipments to Ukraine.

The councilors, from the governmental conservative Law and Justice party (PiS), also ask in the motion —which will be voted on next Wednesday— to declare persona non grata anyone who publicly supports the Kremlin.

The promoters of the measure express their outrage with Waters’ stance “in view of the criminal Russian attack on Ukraine and the war crimes committed by Russian soldiers.”

The artist had participated in an open letter to the Ukrainian president’s wife, Olena Zelenska, calling the supply of arms to Kyiv a “tragic mistake.”

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