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Iranian President Claims Biden Will Lift Economic Sanctions

Iran Rohani

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Iranian President Hasan Rohani assured Thursday that the Vienna nuclear negotiations have agreed on the removal of major American sanctions against Iran, including those in the oil and banking sector.

“Today they are sitting at the negotiating table and have admitted that all major sanctions are going to be removed,” the president said in a televised speech on the occasion of the inauguration of several projects in the petrochemical sector.

Rohani stressed that “the most important step” has been taken and “a main agreement” has been reached, although some issues still need to be discussed to reach the final pact.

“The discussions now focus on the details, as they agreed (to lift) sanctions on oil, petrochemicals, shipping, insurers and the Central Bank,” he detailed.

In his speech, the President emphasized that his government is going to “crush the sanctions regime” before the end of his term, next August.

The fourth round of talks in Vienna to save the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran concluded yesterday and negotiations are scheduled to resume next week, after delegations hold consultations in their respective capitals.

The negotiations involve the countries still in the pact – Iran, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China – and include indirect contacts with the United States, which left the deal in 2018.

Yesterday, the European Union, which is coordinating negotiations to bring the United States and Iran back into compliance with the nuclear pact, expressed optimism that a deal could be concluded in the coming weeks.

“I’m not going to predict a date. But I am quite sure that there will be a final agreement,” said Enrique Mora, the coordinator of the contacts, who explained that “substantial progress has been made in the last few days, although there are still things that need to be dealt with.”

Along the same lines, the Iranian negotiator and Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Araqchi, considered it possible to reach an agreement in the next round of negotiations and affirmed that “much progress has been made, although there are certain key issues that require further consultations”.

Republicans accuse Biden of being weak in the Middle East and allowing the escalation of violence by terrorist groups in the area; lifting sanctions on Iran could allow the Iranian theocracy to recover economic muscle to finance the war against its enemies in the region, as is the case of Israel.

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