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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Mocks U.S. Over Plans to Reopen Nuclear Deal

Iran Rohani

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Iranian President Hasan Rohani assured on Wednesday that “the main issues with the United States have been resolved” in the Vienna negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, sounding optimistic about the outcome of the talks.

The talks, whose fifth round began last week, seek the U.S. to lift all sanctions against Iran.

“Today, thank God, we see that our main issues with the United States in these negotiations have been resolved. There are a few issues left that we are negotiating and we will reach a result,” Rohani said in his speech during the weekly cabinet meeting.

In this regard, he added that, “if there is a will”, the solution to the nuclear dispute will be made during his term, which ends next August, implying that they are waiting for the final approval of the system’s leadership.

“The fact that the negotiations in Vienna are going well today is due to the patience of the people, the mediation of the government and the guidance of the supreme leader (Ali Khamenei). We have paid a very high price for these victories,” Rohani stressed.

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Rohani said that “the Americans sought to overthrow the (Iranian) regime with sanctions and economic warfare and declared it openly.”

“They could do nothing and sought negotiations themselves (…) Doesn’t that mean the failure of the United States?” the Iranian noted with a mocking tone about the American authorities who now under the Biden administration are docile with Iran.

Iran and the delegations of the five countries remaining in the nuclear agreement – Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany – began a new stage of negotiations at the beginning of April, in which the United States is indirectly participating.

Trump had withdrawn the United States from the nuclear pact after Iran consistently broke the agreements, and further arguing that the Islamic country had taken advantage of funding allowed by the Obama administration to arm itself and terrorize its neighbors.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Secretary of State Antony Blinken. (Image: EFE)

In the last press conference held by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, together with the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, the Israeli leader said that it would be a mistake to return to the pact with Iran, however the Biden administration seems determined to lift the sanctions on the Iranian theocracy.