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Border Union Leader Ron Boren: ‘Biden Promised to Open the Border and Has Done So’

Ron Boren

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Ron Boren, California Border Patrol agent and union representative for border workers, has been with the agency for more than 13 years working and seeing what happens at the border. For this reason, he talks with El American correspondent Anthony Cabassa about the border crisis facing Joe Biden’s administration.

“Most of the media is just pretending that nothing is going on, that it’s not a crisis. Joe Biden, when he was a candidate, said he was going to open the border and that’s what he has done.”

Boren indicated that the last few months have been overwhelming with the wave of migrants from all over the world, but with a special increase of people coming from Brazil.

He explained that these people travel to another country and then continue by bus to pass illegally to the United States. He emphasized that this not only affects the Americans in terms of laws and security, but also affects the management of the pandemic because Brazil is a country with a high rate of COVID-19 infection.

“Many Brazilians are coming because they say there are ads that say come to the United States. Many take a flight to any country in Central America or Mexico and from there travel by bus to the border. They connect with a smuggling organization and help them cross.”

Ron Boren on the management of the last four administrations

Boren also referred to the policies implemented by the four governments in which he has worked. He pointed out that the respect and authority of border agents to enforce immigration laws has been changing.

Ron Boren explains how U.S. immigration policy has changed. (Image: EFE)

Likewise, he insisted that “if you reward bad behavior, you are going to have bad behavior.” He also recalled that it was in 2014 that the so-called cages were created, which were not created during the administration of President Donald Trump but in the administration of Barak Obama.

“I have worked in four administrations, I started at the end of George Bush’s administration. And at that time, we had virtually all law enforcement authority. And in 2012/2013 we started to get uncomfortable because we were seeing illegal migrants being released from detention.”

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