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Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio Easily Win Re-Election

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Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio in Florida easily won their races and will serve another 4 and 6 years in office, respectively. With approximately 80% of the votes counted, the media is claiming that this election was in favor of the Republicans. As a curious fact, the governor would be scratching 60% and Rubio would surpass the polls’ expectations.

There was no surprise in Florida and both DeSantis and Rubio were overwhelmingly re-elected by voters.

In addition to these resounding victories, the most important statewide data could come from south of the Sunshine State. With 80% of the ballots counted, the Republican Party would take Miami-Dade County, which is noted for its large proportion of Latino voters, particularly Cubans and Venezuelans. In 2020, Biden carried the county by a margin of seven percentage points and, in 2018, Ron DeSantis lost by 20 points.

In addition, Maria Elvira Salazar increased her 2020 margin of victory and easily carried the election for Florida’s 27th district, and Anna Paulina Luna, the former chief correspondent for El American, flipped a blue seat and will represent the citizens of the 13th district in Congress.

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