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Ron DeSantis Files Fresh Lawsuit Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and State Attorney General Ashley Moody, filed a new lawsuit Thursday against vaccination mandates imposed by Joe Biden’s administration.

The lawsuit challenges the rule requiring federal contractors to force their employees to show negative vaccination or PCR tests on a weekly basis. According to the text, this is a “heavy-handed mandate never authorized by Congress.”

According to DeSantis, the new lawsuit is aimed at stopping the implementation of the Dec. 8 deadline that applies to federal contractors.

“We are going to seek a preliminary injunction so that this mandate isn’t allowed to be imposed at the expense of the jobs of Floridians,” the Republican governor said at a press conference in Lakeland.

“We’ve got a very big footprint of companies that do contracting work for the federal government,” including defense contractors and many others across Florida.

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The Republican said we are living in an era where these “heavy-handed mandates” threaten Floridians with depriving them of the ability to earn a living: “In the state of Florida, you have a right to earn a living and you should not be denied from it because of these vaccines, that’s why we want to protect the people who work for the state,” DeSantis added.

Details of the lawsuit

The text notes that several state agencies have contracts with the federal government. The Florida Department of Education provides vending and other food-related services in federal buildings in Florida, and Florida’s public universities also have many contracts with NASA, especially for research.

Among the considerations contained in the lawsuit are that “the government’s unlawful vaccine requirements seek to interfere with Florida’s employment policies and threaten Florida with economic harm and the loss of federal contracts, the State seeks relief from this Court.”

“These contracts are worth tens of millions of dollars, if not more,” reads the text of the complaint. “Because Florida’s employees are generally not required to be vaccinated, the challenged actions threaten Florida with the loss of millions of dollars in future contracting opportunities and put undue pressure on Florida to create new policies and change existing ones, each of which threatens Florida with imminent irreparable harm.”

Moody said his commitment against Washington’s mandates and “illegal actions” is a promise he is proud to keep.

“Never did we dream that in this administration we would be having to repeatedly push back on unlawful actions coming out of Washington and incompetent, reckless leadership coming out of Washington,” Moody said during his remarks at the press conference.

“But we are here,” he continued, “and we said when these vaccine mandates were announced that we would take legal action and push back and I’m proud to say, today we are fulfilling that promise.”

Along with DeSantis, Moody has been consistent in his outspoken opposition to the Biden administration’s policies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In April, his office issued a lawsuit over the federal shutdown order of the nation’s cruise ship industry.

In September, Moody wrote a legal opinion saying that school districts must comply with a state rule that says parents must have the option to exclude their kids from mask requirements “unless and until the judiciary declares them invalid.”

As of today, Florida is one of the states with the lowest incidence of COVID-19, despite the federal government and media’s insistence on discrediting DeSantis’ efforts to control the pandemic without restricting freedoms.