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Ron Johnson Widens his Lead in Key Senate Election

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If Republicans truly aspire to retake control of the Senate in these midterm elections, they will have to go out and win some seats and hold two key states: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. While the former is a more uphill battle, the latter is much more favorable. According to a new poll, Ron Johnson stretched his lead to 5 points over Mandela Barnes (D).

The poll was conducted by Fabrizio Lee & Associates and released through the AARP, a non-partisan polling group. According to their data, the incumbent senator would take 51% of the vote, against 46% for his Democratic opponent.

These results reaffirm the trend in favor of the GOP in the Badger State for this particular race, but with a wider gap. Note that Johnson won two previous elections by 3.4% and 4.9%, respectively.  

The former businessman has an uncanny ability that allowed him to win elections, despite not performing well either in previous polls or in his popularity level in the state.

Polls show Senator Ron Johnson looking ahead to the November elections, where he will seek to secure his third term in office (Source: Ron Johnson for Senate).

“Ron Johnson is exceptionally disapproved across the state but that doesn’t seem to matter too much to voters when it comes down to the general election. They may disapprove of Ron Johnson but may also approve of his re-election. it’s a weird dynamic it’s one that has been going on in Wisconsin since 2010 and 2016”, Ethan Kelly, a popular election analyst on YouTube, said about it.

Despite his left-leaning bias, Kelly acknowledged that the Democratic candidate, Mandela Barnes, is too progressive for the Wisconsinite palate. “Just one month out until the general election, it has become more apparent that yes, Mandela Barnes did have baggage and that baggage did ultimately harm his candidacy for this Senate election,” he added.

Returning to the poll, it showed Johnson ahead of Barnes in virtually every demographic group. For example, he is up among women, in the suburbs and has a 10-point lead among independents.

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