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Ronna McDaniel Slams Biden for Formula Crisis

Ronna McDaniel, Biden

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One of the ugliest and most overlooked aspects of the inflation and supply chain crisis is the fact that baby formula has almost disappeared from shelves in many parts of America, leaving parents across the country in absolute disarray.

And there’s only one person to blame: the man who holds the position of the most powerful head of state in the world, Joe Biden.

And we had the honor at El American of having one of the clearest voices in the GOP to talk about it, Ronna McDaniel, the RNC chairwoman.

McDaniel said that “Back in October, a whistleblower alerted the FDA about possible problems at Abbott Nutrition, the largest provider of infant formula in the country” but  “ Joe Biden either never got the memo or chose to ignore it. Biden claims he didn’t find out about the baby formula crisis until early April.”

As usual, Biden has played Pontius Pilate and has not accepted the blame, “claiming it might’ve been averted if they had been “mind readers.” But the Biden administration knew about the formula for months. They simply failed to act.”

And this never-ending crisis is hitting Biden hard in the polls –especially among Hispanics– and will likely continue to do so. “America’s baby formula crisis captures the Biden administration in a nutshell: incompetent, blame-shifting, and uncaring. As a result, babies are going hungry,” McDaniel said. Read her article in full right here. It’s worth your time.

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