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Roof Collapses on Miami Building, Residents Evacuated

Se desploma el tejado de un nuevo edificio en Miami y evacúan a sus residentes

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A three-story apartment building in northwest Miami-Dade County, in southeast Florida, was evacuated Thursday because of a partial roof collapse, authorities said.

Images released by the county’s fire department (MDFR) show a body truck at the scene of the incident and a large section of the roof split and on the ground outside the building.

“The building was evacuated and there are no tenants inside and no injuries reported,” the fire department stated on its official Twitter account.

This is the fourth building at least to be partially or completely evacuated in Florida since the collapse last June 24 of the 12-story Champlain Towers South residential building in Surfside, also located in Miami-Dade County.

An apartment building on Indian Creek Drive in Miami Beach was also evacuated on Monday due to deteriorating concrete.

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Authorities said on Thursday that four more of the 97 fatalities in the Champlain Towers South collapse have been identified.

The bodies were pulled from the mountain of rubble between last Friday and Sunday.

These last four identified fatalities, including a 14-year-old teenager, Valeria Barth, are: Mihai Radulescu, 82; Michelle Anna Pazos, 23; and Myriam Notkin, 81.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the number of victims identified in the collapse was 90 as of Wednesday, with 88 families notified so far.

Levine Cava has ordered an audit of buildings in the county that are five stories or more and 40 years old or approaching 40 years old.

The number of people unaccounted for after the collapse, which occurred for undetermined reasons, stood as of Wednesday at least eight, but there are two of them who are not certain if they were in the building when it collapsed, according to Miami-Dade authorities.

The investigation into the causes of the collapse of the northeast wing of the Surfside building, which contained 55 apartments, has already begun, but it is certain to be long and complex.

In court, there are half a dozen lawsuits filed against the condo association, which has had structural problems since at least 2018, according to an engineering firm.

What was left of the building was demolished on July 4, as the structure was unstable and hampered search efforts.

This Wednesday, a South Florida judge authorized the sale of the land where the apartment building that collapsed and killed 97 people was located.

In a court proceeding held yesterday, Judge Michael Hanzman gave the green light to the sale process of the property where Champlain Towers South stood, a sale that could reach a price between 100 and 110 million dollars.