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Russia Suggests Potential Military Deployment to Venezuela and Cuba

Rusia no descarta la posibilidad de instalar infraestructura militar en Cuba y Venezuela

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Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov avoided on Monday giving a clear answer to the possibility of Russia deploying missiles in Cuba and Venezuela.

“Russia is thinking about how to ensure its security in the context of the current situation,” he said at his press conference when commenting on the possibility suggested last week by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Riabkov, who neither denied nor confirmed that Moscow values emplacing missiles in Cuba and Venezuela.

“For Latin America – we’re talking about sovereign states there, let’s not forget that,” Peskov added.

He also recalled that Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland recently stated that Washington assesses 18 different variants of responses in case Russia invades Ukraine.

“We are also looking at various options. We think that actually there should be far fewer of them because we put together the right question. To complicate those things that, perhaps, are no so complex. The question is totally direct and formulated in the most concrete way,” he added.

Riyabkov told Russia’s international TV channel RTVI on Thursday that the United States and NATO said “no” to Russia’s demands for security guarantees and ruled out an early resumption of negotiations with the West.

Asked about Moscow’s response measures, he did not rule out the deployment of military infrastructure in Cuba and Venezuela.

For his part, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan warned that the United States would respond “decisively” if Russia deploys missiles or military deployment in Venezuela or Cuba.

The diplomat added that this issue was not discussed during the talks between Washington and Moscow last week, but according to him it is a “bluff” by Riabkov that should not be taken too seriously.

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