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An Interview with a Geopolitics Expert: ‘The Russian Invasion Exposed the West’s Inability to Defend Itself’

In an exclusive conversation with El American, Carelli warned that “Europe will have to redefine its defense mechanisms”

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Eduardo Carelli is an expert in contemporary world politics. During a conversation with Agustina Blanco, editor at El American, he assured that the Russian invasion laid bare the West’s inability to defend itself.

“Russia calculated its initial moves very well. The West left them alone, did not provide them with weapons at the time, beyond the missiles sent by the United States. In a way, Ukraine has been left alone: it is resisting alone,” Carelli said.

Russian invasion is not conventional warfare

He also explained that the situation cannot be described as a “conventional war.” He detailed that other tools such as social networks and media are used to manipulate information and thus use it as a strategy.

“The world is in a kind of world war, not a conventional war as we are used to seeing it with airplanes, armies, tanks, drones; but we are facing a new phenomenon, a new way of making war that is called today the hybrid war,” he said.

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