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Report: Putin Sent 400 Russian Mercenaries to Kill Zelensky

Mercenarios rusos enviados a matar al presidente de Ucrania, según informe

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“More than 400 Russian mercenaries are operating in Kyiv with orders from the Kremlin to assassinate President Zelensky and his government and prepare the ground for Moscow to take control,” The Times of the United Kingdom revealed.

According to information obtained by the media, the Wagner Group, a private militia led by one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies and operating as an independent branch of the state, “flew in mercenaries from Africa five weeks ago on a mission to decapitate Zelensky’s government in return for a handsome financial bonus.”

Ukrainian president targeted by Russia

The information comes after President Zelensky warned last week that he is the main target of the Russian regime after the invasion of the Ukrainian territory. The president also stressed that his family remains in Ukraine.

“According to our information, the enemy marked me as the number one target. My family is the number two target. They want to destroy Ukraine politically by destroying the Head of State,” Zelensky said.

During a message to the nation, the Ukrainian head of state showed readiness to negotiate with Russia. However, he said that there must be security guarantees. “We are not afraid to talk to Russia. We are not afraid to say everything about security guarantees for our state. We are not afraid to talk about neutral status. We are not in NATO now. But the main thing – what security guarantees will we have? And what specific countries will give them?” he asked.

The report, which deals with Russian mercenaries, was released just on the day when negotiations between the two countries began. “The meeting has ended after five hours of talks, reported Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Duma (Russian lower house) International Affairs Committee and one of the members of the Russian delegation,” reviews an article in El American.

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