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Department of Defense: Russian Army Advancing Towards Kyiv Stopped by Ukrainian Resistance

John Kirby: Convoy militar ruso que avanzaba hacia Kiev fue detenido por resistencia ucraniana

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The advance of a Russian military convoy toward Kyiv was stalled between the last 24 and 36 hours due to Ukrainian resistance and because the Russians were assessing the progress they have not made, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

According to the Department of Defense spokesman, John Kirby, they have some indications, although it is something they cannot independently verify 100%.

Kirby added that another reason for the stalling of the military convoy, which is advancing from the north towards the Ukrainian capital, is logistical and maintenance issues, which the Russians had not anticipated.

Meanwhile, in the south, Russian forces appear to be facing less resistance overall than in the north, according to the spokesman.

Kirby noted that there is still a hotly contested battle for the Ukrainian town of Kherson, which Russia claims to have seized and toward which it has advanced from Crimea.

Regarding the situation in Mariupol, Kirby said Russian forces are making progress.

Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced Wednesday that Russian armed forces had taken full control of Kherson.

Further east, in Mariupol, on the shores of the Sea of Azov and in the Donetsk region, pro-Russian separatists backed by the Russian military claimed today that their forces had blockaded the city, according to Russian media.

However, the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior assured that the battles for Mariupol continue, as the units of the National Guard together with the Armed Forces “maintain internal security of the city.”

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