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Report: Some Russian Officials Regret Invasion of Ukraine


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Kremlin officials believe their invasion of Ukraine was a mistake that will set their country back for years. This was revealed to Bloomberg by at least ten sources who preferred anonymity. However, the group believes that Vladimir Putin will not go back on his decision.

The media outlet detailed that Putin has rejected attempts by other officials to warn him about the economic and political costs the war would have.

“Some said they increasingly share fears expressed by U.S. intelligence officials that Putin may resort to limited use of nuclear weapons if he fails in a campaign he considers his historic mission,” Bloomberg highlighted.

The consequences of the Russian invasion

The sources also explained that Putin has expressed knowing the consequences that war would have on Russia, but maintains that the West left him no choice. Despite this, the response of the United States and its allies has surprised Kremlin experts. “The president is confident that the public has his back, with Russians ready to endure years of sacrifice for his vision of national greatness,” the sources commented.

Bloomberg added that “Putin is determined to continue the fight, even if the Kremlin has had to scale back its ambitions from a swift and radical takeover of much of the country to a tough battle for the Dombas region in the east.”

“In this view, settling for less would leave Russia hopelessly vulnerable and weak in the face of the threat seen from the United States and its allies,” the media outlet added.

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