8 Russian Soldiers Died After Receiving Poisoned Cake from Ukrainian Granny

According to an audio revealed by the Ukrainian agency UNIAN, alleged Russian soldiers admitted that they have no food and are engaged in looting

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is leaving unbelievable stories and tales — some more plausible than others — that feed and keep the morale of the Ukrainian people high in the midst of the war. The most recent revelation involves Russian soldiers, an old woman and a cake.

According to audio revealed by the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News (UNIAN), founded in March 1993, alleged Russian soldiers admitted that they are desperate with hunger and are looting stores in the midst of food shortages.

So is the desperation that, according to the published audio, 8 Russian soldiers died after accepting a poisoned cake from a Ukrainian granny.

“We have nothing more to eat, a Ukrainian grandmother offered us a cake and poisoned 8 soldiers,” is heard in the audio.

According to UNIAN’s brief report, the audio was reportedly shared by Anton Gerashchenko, a former defense minister who is now a top advisor to Ukraine’s own interior minister. The former minister has been intercepting and posting audios of the “Russian occupiers” on his Telegram channel.

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UNIAN shared the audio in video format on its Telegram channel. The message reached 1.7 million views. The story also went viral on its portal, surpassing half a million views, according to its own counter.

Abuelita ucraniana envenenó a 8 soldados rusos con un pastel
Screenshot of the message released by the UNIAN agency.

Some major European media, such as La Stampa — one of Italy’s longest-running newspapers based in Turin — echoed the incredible report.

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