Rusia dice que por ahora no desplegará tropas en Donetsk y Lugansk

Russian Troops Cross Border in Kyiv Region

According to the UNIAN agency, in view of the Russian attack, the routes into Kyiv are closed, but citizens are allowed to leave the city

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Russian troops crossed the Vilcha border point in Kyiv region, 50 kilometers from the border with Belarus, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service reported today.

“Russian troops violated the state border. The enemy’s war equipment crossed through the Vilcha border point,” the entity reported, according to which the Ukrainian Army put up a battle with the Russian Army.

In addition, Russian troops fired from Grad multiple launchers at the Mlachivka border checkpoint, located in the Zhitomir region northwest of Kyiv, near the Belarusian border.

The Border Guard Service noted that its units retreat if necessary to “reserve positions” to fight alongside the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard.

According to the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry, quoted by the UNIAN agency, an Air Force plane crashed in the Bukhov district, south of the Ukrainian capital.

“A military aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force crashed and caught fire between the villages of Zhukivtsi and Trypillia,” the agency said, reporting the death of 5 of the 14 people on board.

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According to UNIAN agency, in view of the Russian attack, the routes into Kyiv are closed, but the population is allowed to leave the city.

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