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Russian Troops Kill American Journalist Brent Renaud in Ukraine

Rusia anuncia que reducirá su actividad militar en Kiev y Chernígov tras negociaciones con Ucrania

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The head of the Kyiv Police, Andrii Nebitov, reported this Sunday that Russian troops killed an American journalist near Kyiv. The official explained that the man was identified as Brent Renaud.

On social networks, it had been said that Renaud was a correspondent for The New York Times. However, the media published a statement in which they explained that the credential was from previous years and that Renaud no longer works, nor was he covering the conflict for the newspaper.

In addition, the police chief explained that they are attending to the situation and trying to attend to those affected in the combat zone. “Today, a 51-year-old correspondent of the famous newspaper The New York Times has been shot dead in Irpin. Another journalist has been wounded. Right now, we are trying to get the victim out of the combat zone,” Nebitov said, according to a statement obtained by the EFE news agency.

Ukrainian Parliament confirms death of American journalist

The information was confirmed by the Ukrainian Parliament. On Twitter, the legislature published a photograph of Renaud’s ID and another one of his passport establishing that Renaud is an American citizen.

In this regard, the Parliament detailed that medical staff attended to the other journalist who was injured during the attack.

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