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Salman Rushdie’s Attacker Maintained Contact with Iranian Revolutionary Guard

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Hadi Matar, who is accused of attempted murder after stabbing Salman Rushdie, has reportedly been in contact with members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, European and Middle Eastern intelligence officials told VICE.

One of the sources explained that the way the attack unfolded shows that it was planned. “A NATO counter-terrorism official from a European country said the stabbing had all the hallmarks of a “guided” attack,” the news outlet reviewed. He stressed that the investigations will show how the event unfolded.

However, the officials only referred to the contact that the attacker had with the Revolutionary Guard on social networks. They did not detail other communications. “Security officials who confirmed the social media contact would not elaborate on the nature of the communications because investigations are ongoing. They would not disclose who initiated the contact, when it took place, or what was discussed.”

The conversations in the Salman Rushdie case

“It’s unclear the extent of the involvement, if this was a directly supported assassination attempt or if it was a series of suggestions and directions in picking a target,” said an official, who was not identified because, VICE explained, it was not authorized to discuss the case.

VICE added that “The Middle Eastern intelligence official said that a handful of Quds Force members taking the chance to inspire and direct an attack would not require high-level approval from the Iranian regime, where the internal security forces from the Revolutionary Guard Corps and military intelligence are often open rivals, directed by political factions”

Last week it came to light that writer Salman Rushdie was attacked during an event in New York. A man climbed onto the stage where Rushdie was standing and stabbed him.

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