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NC Middle School Under Fire for Offering ‘Satanic After School Club’

Carolina del Norte: club satánico ofrece activades “extraescolares” en escuela primaria

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Joyner Elementary School of Greensboro, North Carolina is in the midst of a controversy after a group of parents raised their voice against a satanic club that is offering “after-school” activities to the children of the institution through flyers.

According to a Fox 8 report, the parents gathered peacefully and in prayer in front of the school to show their discontent against the satanic club called “After School Satan.” Tempe Moore, the organizer of the demonstration, told the media outlet that they could not stand idly by as an organization that worships Satan seeks to enter the school district’s educational institutions.

“This is not a time for good men to do nothing. It’s a time to let our voices be heard,” Moore said.

“This is an issue that’s not going to go away, and there’s other clubs already established at other states, so hopefully this will encourage churches there to take a stand,” the organizer continued.

Satanic club says it does not want to promote Satanism

Despite the criticism and parental concern, the demonic After School Satan club assures on its website that they do not want to attract children to their after-school activities to convert them to Satanism, but to reinforce “rationalism” and science.

Contradictory, on their website, which has a clear childish design to capture children’s attention and appear harmless, there is a strange two-minute video where it is claimed that “Satan’s not a scary guy” and that he just “wants you to share and be kind” as well as “be yourself” because “there is no hell.”

Screenshot of the video shown on the “After School Satan” website.

Part of the video also shows Satan as being inclusive: “Everyone is different and that’s okay with Satan. He’ll always treat you equal, whether you’re black, white or gay.”

Another screenshot of the video shown on the “After School Satan” website.

Despite the clear message of accepting Satan, the club insists that its extracurricular activities “will focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us.” It also says it is important that there are Satan-worshipping clubs in after-school activities to generate a balance of contrast to religious and Christian activities.

June Everett, campaign director of the After School Satan Club and ordained minister of the Satanic Temple, told Fox News Digital that in Greensboro there are parents who asked for Satanic club membership in after-school activities as a way to stand up to religious activities.

“We were contacted by a group of parents who requested After School Satan Club at Joyner when they received Good News Club Permission Slips in their children’s backpacks in late Feb of this year. We only go to schools that have a religious club operating on-campus, and we only go to schools where community members have requested our program as a safe and all-inclusive alternative,” Everett said.

While parents are fighting to keep the Satanic group from entering inside schools, the chief of staff at Guilford County Schools, where Joyner Elementary School is enrolled, is still evaluating whether or not to accept “After School Satan” into after-school activities.

In the United States, there are four such clubs around the country, including in Illinois and Ohio. In addition, an elementary school in Pennsylvania recently rejected the inclusion of the Satanic club, resulting in a lawsuit.

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