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Supreme Court to Review Case Against Racial Quotas in Universities

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The Supreme Court on Monday admitted for discussion a lawsuit against the racial quota admissions system at Harvard and North Carolina universities that could put in check years of affirmative action policies.

The litigation, initiated in 2014, was filed by Students for Fair Admissions, led by Edward Blum, who argues that the current system suppresses admissions of Asian students in favor of African-Americans and Hispanics, and further segregates people across races.

Following a 2019 federal court decision that claimed that Harvard University did not discriminate in its admissions process, the organization appealed to the Supreme Court.

Last year, the Court asked the opinion on this case to the Biden administration, which opposed the judicialization of the issue, contrary to the Trump administration—which supported the litigation.

Harvard University Chancellor Larry Bacow said Monday in a statement that the Supreme Court’s decision to admit the lawsuit puts at risk 40 years of legal precedent that gives colleges and universities the freedom and flexibility to create diverse campus communities.

Liberals have been pushing for years for policies in education and the workplace that segregate people based on their skin color or background, something that is opposed by conservatives, who believe that all people should be judged and treated equally, regardless of their background or skin color.

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