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Sen. Ted Cruz about Fauci: “He’s the boy who cried COVID”

Senator Ted Cruz stated this week that he believes Dr. Anthony Fauci, former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, would not be held responsible for his conduct during the epidemic since the Biden administration controls the Department of Justice.

Cruz made the statements while discussing this week’s discovery that the Department of Energy now believes the pandemic was caused by a lab accident in Wuhan, China, on his podcast “Verdict” with co-host Ben Ferguson. Cruz also made more statements calling out Anthony Fauci in interviews with Newsmax and Fox News, doubling down on these claims.

According to the latest US Energy Department’s investigation, the most likely cause of the pandemic is a lab leak in Wuhan, China, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. The FBI is also of the opinion that the outbreak was caused by a Chinese lab intrusion.


Senator Ted Cruz said:

“I have asked Attorney General Merrick Garland whether he intended to prosecute Fauci and he dodges those questions,” Cruz said in reference to allegations that Fauci lied to Congress. “He refuses to answer those questions. I’ve asked the FBI, they dodge those questions. Look, Fauci flat out told Congress under oath that the federal government was not funding gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute for Virology. … NIH, in writing, confirmed that they were funding gain of function research.”

Cruz went on to say that communist China’s actions immediately following the virus’s emergence indicate responsibility on their part. He subsequently noted that Fauci had done “more harm” to the United States than any other bureaucrat in American history, as well as “more damage to the credibility of the scientific and medical community” than anybody else in history.

“He’s the boy who cried COVID. And the consequence, the next person at the CDC, the next government scientist, the next crisis that we have, we may see a whole lot of people die, because our government has destroyed much of the credibility of their own medical and scientific teams. And I think Fauci is directly responsible for that.”

COVID-19’s origins have been the subject of competing claims, with the virus either unintentionally escaping from a Chinese research facility in Wuhan or being introduced to humans by an unknown animal.

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