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Ted Cruz Compares Democrats’ ‘Court Packing’ with Hugo Chávez Tactics to Gain Power

El senador Ted Cruz se reunió con María Corina Machado, coordinadora de Vente Venezuela

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) compared this Friday the “Court packing” campaign by Democrats with the practices of Hugo Chávez. The Republican recalled that his family fled Cuba and got into the United States a country that was different because of its democracy.

“After Hugo Chavez took over Venezuela, he packed their Supreme Court. What Democrats are trying to do now by packing the Supreme Court is fundamentally corrupt,” Cruz wrote on Twitter.

The senator made reference to a work done by Fox News in which experts explain how the Chavista regime advanced in its escalation to take control of the institutions. In the work, analysts ask to take into account what happened in Venezuela so that it does not happen in other countries.

“This institution, the U.S. Supreme Court, has resisted political pressures since the first day America was a nation,” Cruz said.

Court packing

The senator from Texas called on the justices to remain vigilant in the face of the ruling party’s attempts to pack the court.

Earlier this week, members of the Democratic Party introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would allow the president to add four justices to the Supreme Court. The measure known as “court packing” would be intended to counteract the current conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

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