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Senator Scott Calls for Removal of ‘Illegitimate’ Cuban Embassy in U.S.

Rick Scott, Cuba, El American

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Several hundred people recently demonstrated in front of the White House to ask President Joe Biden to help Cuba and denounce the ongoing human rights violations that have occurred during recent protests on the island. Some Republican congress members participated in the event, including Senator Rick Scott (R-FL).

The demonstration began in Lafayette Square, located in front of the presidential residence, and continued with a march that ended in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington.

Senator Rick Scott, former governor of Florida, called for the removal of the Cuban embassy in Washington and the delivery of Internet access to Cuba.

The communist regime of Miguel Diaz-Canel this month blocked Internet access on the island to prevent images of the protests from reaching the media around the world. Still, several videos and photos surfaced.

“The Cuban dictatorship is illegitimate and they shouldn’t have an embassy in the United States,” Scott said. “Joe Biden needs to come forward and talk about all the atrocities, all the people and all the family members who have been killed for protesting, who have been beaten and imprisoned. You want to be part of the world stage; he wants to be a friend of all world leaders, so let him lead the United States in freedom for Cuba now,” he stressed.

The protests, billed as Cuba’s largest in the last three decades, were observed via social networks in which thousands of demonstrators chanted “Patria y Vida,” the name of a Cuban hip-hop song that became the anthem of the uprising in that nation and is a response to the regime’s communist slogan “Patria o Muerte” (Homeland or Death).

The Senate approved an amendment proposed by Rick Scott to facilitate Internet to Cuba

The Senate approved in the early hours of August 11 an amendment that asks the Biden Administration to facilitate free Internet access in Cuba with the creation of a fund that will make this service “open and uncensored” possible.

The amendment was introduced by Florida Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and requests the establishment of a reserve fund to “facilitate the provision of internet service to citizens of Cuba, who have been deprived of the free flow of information by the illegitimate Cuban communist regime.”

Rubio, of Cuban origin, recalled that he has been stressing the importance of internet access for Cubans “since the historic protests began a month ago.”

“The repression by the regime makes clear the need to act now,” Rubio assured. Fortunately, the technology exists to provide connectivity,” he said.

For his part, Scott considered that “the time for President Biden to review his Cuba policy is over.”

“We must take immediate measures to implement all the technology to facilitate the free flow of information to and from the island, and amplify the voices of the Cuban people by approving this amendment,” he said.

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