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Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon Rips the Left for Turning the World into a ‘Parody of Itself’

Dillon slammed the left for attempting to suppress comedy and said that the problem with modern politics is that reality is becoming too satirical

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Seth Dillon, CEO of renowned satirical website The Babylon Bee, admitted that every day it is more complicated to make comedy because the left has made “reality absurd, difficult to satirize.”

“The left is attacking comedy, trying to suppress it (…) They’ve turned the world into a parody of itself, making reality absurd, difficult to satirize,” Dillon said during his talk at the National Conservatism Conference.

Dillon demonstrated with examples how the left and the Biden administration turn reality into a comedy, with executive decisions that seem unrealistic.

“Our president is calling for illegal immigrants to be granted 450,000 dollars as thank you for breaking our laws,” he said.

The Babylon Bee’s CEO asserted that what happens on a day-to-day basis looks like a comedy, to the point where the satirical news they write is starting to be admitted by the public as real.

“It becomes harder to do satire and our jokes end up becoming true (…) We did a piece with CNN praising the Taliban because they were wearing masks and people really believed it,” he said.

“The problem isn’t satire being to close to reality the problem is reality becoming too satirical,” he added.

“The left is trying to suppress comedy”: Seth Dillon

Dillon denounced that the left in the United States “is attacking comedy,” to the point that jokes are no longer allowed.

“We’re often criticized for this, they say we are trying to mislead people with our jokes,” he said. He claimed that “fact-checking is one of the most ridiculous things we’ve had to deal with” he has had to deal with.

“Facebook is paying fact-checkers to fact-check jokes as false,” he charged.

Dillon stressed the importance of speaking up and standing up as users on social media platforms and networks to not play along with the left.

“We should be asserting our right to be in these platforms (…) they are the public squares of today (…) when you censor yourself, you’re doing the tyrant’s work for him,” he said.

“Good satire ridicules bad ideas before it takes root in the minds and hearts of people”, concluded.

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