8 muertos en tiroteo en sede de FedEx en Indianápolis

Indianapolis Shooting at FedEx Warehouse Leaves 8 Dead

The alleged perpetrator killed himself after shooting workers at the FedEx warehouse. Police are investigating the motive.

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At least eight people were killed on Thursday night in a shooting at a FedEx site in Indianapolis, Indiana authorities said. The alleged perpetrator killed himself after the mass shooting.

According to Officer Ganae Cook of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the attack occurred shortly after 23.00 local time (03.00 Friday GMT) at a FedEx warehouse near the Indianapolis airport where 4,500 people work.

Upon arrival, police officers found victims inside and outside the warehouse.

Apart from the eight people who were killed at the scene, several others have been transported to hospitals with injuries, at least one of them in serious condition.

Authorities have summoned all family members who have not heard from their loved ones to a nearby hotel, where they are receiving assistance.

In recent weeks there has been a spike in mass shootings in the United States. The March 22 shooting at a supermarket in Colorado, which left 10 people dead, was the deadliest.

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