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Sinceramente: Electoral Fraud in Colombia?

¿Fraude electoral en Colombia? - Sinceramente

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Colombia’s elections are drawing closer and the integrity of the process is at the center of the debate. El American’s editors-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo and Orlando Avendaño, talk to journalist Maibort Petit about this issue in a new episode of Sinceramente.

To begin with, Vanessa Vallejo explained that there are many doubts about the legislative elections in Colombia and their transparency. She considers Gustavo Petro could be capable of anything to gain power.

Journalist Maibort Petit explained how in Venezuela, the credibility of the electoral processes was being lost. Therefore, she warned about irregularities in elections and how they should be faced. “The learning we have had in Venezuela allows us to affirm that when an electoral fraud is raised, there are both political and legal elements,” said Petit.

She added: “Electoral fraud models are applied according to the special characteristics of each election, and are not repeated in order to make it difficult to prove it.” Petit also commented that Gustavo Petro manages more resources than any of the other candidates, and that he has invested a lot of money in electoral control and security.

Colombia’s defense

For Vanessa Vallejo, the way to avoid what Maibort Petit said and to stop an electoral fraud is to ensure that the witnesses, the jurors, and the parties are attentive to how the election develops.

Orlando Avendaño agreed with Vallejo on the need for citizens to be attentive to any electoral irregularity. Avendaño insisted that at this moment, Colombia represents the great battleground to be conquered by the international left that wants the United States to be marginalized.

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