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Sinceramente: Will Federico Gutiérrez Defeat Gustavo Petro in Colombia’s Presidential Election?

¿Logrará Federico Gutiérrez derrotar a Gustavo Petro? - Sinceramente

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The presidential elections in Colombia are approaching and the debate about the consequences of a victory by leftist Gustavo Petro is spreading throughout the continent due to the repercussions it could have on Latin American geopolitics. On that topic, our co-editor-in-chief Vanessa Vallejo talks to political analysts in El American’s Sinceramente.

Vallejo explained that Federico Gutiérrez is betting on being the center candidate in Colombia to face the socialist candidate. However, he emphasized that the road map of his government must be clear. He recalled that Gustavo Petro is leading the polls, described him as the “eternal candidate” and made reference to his previous electoral defeats.

The Colombian Left and Right

In the conversation, constitutional lawyer DMar Córdoba assured that in Petro’s team there are “very questioned” people. In addition, he explained that the Colombian right is ashamed to show itself as it is.

The Colombian leader of the Global Mobilization against the FARC, Pierre Onzaga Ramírez, agreed with Córdoba regarding Petro’s team and stated that as long as there is a justice system biased towards the left, there will be no progress.

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