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Slovenian Prime Minister Says Putin Will Never Succeed in Occupying Kyiv

Primer ministro de Eslovenia dice que Putin nunca logrará ocupar Kiev

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The Russian Army will never succeed in occupying Kyiv, stated Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, who on Wednesday traveled to the Ukrainian capital, together with his counterparts from Poland and the Czech Republic, to show solidarity and support in the face of Russia’s invasion.

“Kyiv is under attack from the west and east, but those forces attacking Kyiv are too weak to take it. The Russian army will never succeed in occupying Kyiv,” Janša assured Slovenian public television Thursday night.

He said the aim of the visit of the three European prime ministers was to show Ukrainians that they are not alone. “We wanted to show them with deeds that they are not abandoned, that it is not just support from afar, that there are those who believe that they will really fight back and succeed.”

The Slovenian politician believes that there are similarities between the current Russian aggression against Ukraine, and the one committed in 1991 by the Yugoslav Army (JNA) against Slovenia, especially in terms of the morale of the soldiers.

“The JNA conscripts did not know who they were fighting against, some even believed that they were fighting against NATO, and something similar has been stated by the Russian Army conscripts taken prisoner in Ukraine. They believed that they were fighting against an aggressor, NATO, and not against the brotherly people,” Janša explained.

He also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not informed about the real situation of his troops on the ground either.

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