Cuba-César Reynel Aguilera

The Cuban Regime is Carrying Out a ‘Slow-Motion Genocide’: Author César Reynel Aguilera

Distinguished Author César Reynel Aguilera details to El American the Castro regime’s “family business” and how it is carrying about a “slow-motion genocide” against the Cuban pro-freedom fighters

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Cuban exiled biochemist, medical doctor, and writer based in Canada, César Reynel Aguilera, sat down with El American to discuss the intricacies that besiege Cuba. The author of El soviet caribeño: La otra historia de la Revolución Cubana (“The Caribbean Soviet: The Other History of the Cuban Revolution”), one of the most complete documented studies of the Soviet Union’s COMINTERN and KGB penetration in Cuba since the mid-1920s, points to the Castro regime’s calculated program of a “slow motion genocide,” as part of its strategy to stay in power.  

The communist China virus (CCP Virus a/k/a COVID-19) and the current pandemic problem facing Cuba, was a wholly regime-caused crisis, according to Aguilera. Pointing to the prioritization by the communist dictatorship of maintaining the Island open for tourism, given the industry’s importance of hard currency revenues entry, despite the overwhelming evidence that tourists from CCP virus-plagued countries were infecting the local population. It was an “epidemiology bomb.”

César Reynel Aguilera points out that “What we have in Cuba is a family business.” Public policy is focused on the well-being of a regime that benefits a cluster of families, in a dynastic setting. The first-hand, lived experience of the interviewee in the dynamics of Cuban socialism, together with his academic formation, assure that this interview will be one to watch to get a good handle of Cuba today.

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