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Son of Hamas Founder Calls on Israel to Kill Terrorist Group’s Leaders

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The well-known son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, Mosab Hassan Yousef — who served as an Israeli spy — said that Israel should kill the leaders of the Islamic terrorist organization after the recently achieved “ceasefire”.

Hassan Yousef, who gave key Hamas information to the Israeli internal security service “Shin Bet” during 1997 and 2007, told The New York Post that “assassinating Hamas leadership will not destroy Hamas, but it will teach them a lesson and hold them accountable.”

Yousef claims that Hamas intimidates the Palestinians and therefore the Palestinians remain silent, even though they do not support them. (Image: Flickr)

Hamas’s top leaders were able to prevail in the aftermath of the conflicts until a few days ago because they were in secure bunkers, while the deaths of innocent Israelis and Palestinians were used as propaganda for the terrorist organization, according to Hassan Yousef.

For the former informant, the terrorist organization headed by his father, who has been responsible for countless deaths, “hates Israel more than it loves its own children.” “Hundreds of children have paid the price,” he added. “These kind of people can’t get away with what they did. They shouldn’t feel safe for one day,” he said,

The dissident comments that Hamas does not accept the new regional reality in which peace had been finally achieved with the “Abraham Accords,” which could have been achieved with the command of Donald Trump’s administration.

The dissident of Islamic terrorism and Israeli intelligence informant assures that Palestine does not seek to constitute itself as a country, but to create an Islamic state. (Image: Flickr)

“The Middle East understood Trump’s language very well. It was the language of fire. He did not show lots of tolerance,” said Yousef, who further asserted that the Middle Eastern mentality considers tolerance as weakness; hence the former president’s attitude towards them.

Yousef also revealed that for Hamas, his exclusion from the Abraham Accords – which achieved the establishment of formal relations between Israel and the UAE, Sudan, Bahrain and Morocco – offended them and caused them great disappointment.

Mosab Yousef asserted that in Gaza, the silence is proof of the terror caused by Hamas, not proof that the people support them. “The silence of the majority of Gaza is not because they support Hamas, but because they are afraid of Hamas,” he said. ““The people live in fear. Hamas rules over them by the sword. If you oppose Hamas they will shoot you or hang you immediately. You and your family are finished.”

Yousef has said in past interviews that Hamas’ goal is not to establish a political system that can protect Palestinians and give them a proper place in the world. “Their main goal is not to establish a secular state. Their main goal is to establish an Islamic state,” he stated.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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