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Soros-funded Execs Behind Radio Mambí Takeover Mired by Old Racist, Homophonic Tweets, Including Posts Against Conservative Hispanics

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EXCLUSIVE: The infighting continues at TelevisaUnivisión less than two weeks after it was announced that Latino Media Network (a George Soros-backed startup) would purchase 18 Hispanic radio stations, including the famous anti-communist Radio Mambí. The overall concern, as widely reported by El American, is that the left-wing, Soros-funded group will censor Radio Mambí, which prompted staffers to threaten to quit the radio station if the takeover was completed.

The concerns are being downplayed by the mainstream media, including MSNBC’s Julio Ricardo Varela, who citing LMN founder Stephanie Valencia, reported that the start-up has no plans on changing “the spirit of Mambí” and that they “believe in journalistic integrity” and “a balance of points of view.” However, old tweets from LMN co-founders Jess Morales Rocketto and Stephanie Valencia could undermine this pledge of support for Radio Mambí.

Using Radio as a Marketing Tool for Democrats

On October 13, 2020, Stephanie Valencia, when speaking about DNC ads in the 2020 election, said that Spanish-language radio was “HIGHLY efficient” and “It’s a huge missed opportunity to not see a lot more spending here.”

The tweet goes closely in line with the concerns at Radio Mambí, that Democratic operatives would weaponize radio stations to gain political grounds within the Hispanic electorate.

Calling for the Boycott of GOYA Foods

In 2020, Morales Rocketto joined the boycott parade against GOYA Foods and its CEO Bob Unanue for participating in former President Trump’s “White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative,” a list of executive orders aimed at improving job and education opportunities for Hispanic Americans. 

The tweet dated July 9, 2020, reads: “Truly, what the fuck am I supposed to eat now that @GoyaFoods have proven themselves to be *those kind* of Latinos?!?! #BoycottGoya”.

Morales Rocketto — whose pronouns are “she/her/hers” — did not respond to an email from El American, asking who “*those kind* of Latinos” were. But perhaps the answer to that question lies in a 2016 tweet: “I mean, when I imagined [email protected] running for president, this is not what I imagined. #GOPDebate.”

The tweet is a direct reference to then-GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both of course, Hispanics.

Speaking of Hispanic Trump supporters, co-founder Stephanie Valencia said on March 30, 2019: “Never ceases to amaze me how they can support a man who thinks they aren’t worthy to be in this country.” Valencia then liked a response by one of her followers: “#PendejosForTrump 😂”.

Hispanics and So-Called “Misinformation”

On March 3, 2021, Rocketto admitted that “Latino voters” could be “more conservative than we previously thought”, but warned that “conventional wisdom about Latinos” is “set by white people.”

White Supremacy, Democrats’ “Big Lie” and Stacey Abrams

Conservative Hispanic outlets have been accused of spreading so-called “misinformation” and “disinformation.” The mainstream media has been quick to tie Radio Mambí with these two politically-influenced DNC talking points, claiming—without evidence—that right-wing groups, like El American, engage in misinformation. However, it seems that LMN has an issue with misinformation itself.

Before election integrity was weaponized by the left, Democrats engaged in “stolen election” talk, claiming that Russia hacked the 2016 election and that if Trump would be re-elected, he would have accomplished so by stealing it.

Prior to the publication of this article, which was initiated several weeks ago, communication strategist Giancarlo Sopo exposed some of the tweets in question in this report, highlighting the issue of misinformation among Democrats themselves.

On September 30, 2020 (on debate night and months before the election), Jess Morales Rocketto said “we will not allow this election to be stolen by an authoritarian white supremacist.” The implication is clear: If Trump wins, he stole it.

Co-founder of LMN also joined the parade of “stolen election” talk saying in 2019: “. @marcorubio you going to take on #MoscowMitch to stop it? Or just talk about it so Donald Trump can steal another election? #.”

Similarly, when refusing to concede elections was a Democratic trend, activist Morales tweeted, without evidence, that the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election was “stolen from her”, referring to Stacey Abrams.

“Every time you say that “Stacey Abrams lost,” you are perpetuating inaccuracy. @StaceyAbrams is the rightful governor of Georgia and the election was stolen from her and us. #SOTU”, Morales Rocketto tweeted.

Abrams lost that election by 54,723 votes to Republican Brian Kemp.

The fact that Abrams lost did not stop Morales Rocketto from touting these false claims as on January 11, 2019, she wrote: “Oprah, if you’d like to anoint a candidate for president, I know this woman who almost became the first black female governor in history until her election was stolen….”

Her false claims on stolen election continued through 2020:

Mocking Lindsey Graham and Joking about Same-Sex Attraction

On November 3, 2013, Rocketto mocked Lindsey Graham, implying he is gay. “OH: “Lindsey Graham would never go near your body because we all know he is as gay as the day is long.” cc: @raylab”.

Anti-White Racist Tweets

On September 13, 2015, Morales Rocketto tweeted: “walking down my street: ‘white bitch, what are you doing in the fucking ghetto.’ me: im not white, and…that’s totally fair.’”

In 2015, she called on companies to stop hiring white people for leadership roles, calling, instead, for “POC” to be hired: “Do not continue to hire all white people in your leadership roles and hire POC to support them and pat yourself on the back. #howtobeanally”

Radio Mambí and its conservative staffers have every reason to be afraid of potential censorship and future attempts at changing their editorial lines.

Morales Rocketto’s support for the boycott of GOYA, false claims of stolen election in Georgia, disdain for conservative Hispanics, and overall left-wing tweets illustrate a deeper animosity towards conservatives, particularly those who previously supported former President Trump, even going as far as calling James Comey a “motherf***er.”

Luis Cornelio is the English Editor-in-Chief at El American. After graduating cum laude from the Colin Powell School for Civil and Global Leadership, he went on to intern at the Heritage Foundation. Most recently he served on President Donald Trump's re-election campaign, writing research articles on topics including law and order, immigration, and the Supreme Court. He also currently works as the Director of Communications for Got Freedom and researcher for the election integrity watchdog Amistad Project. A Dominican-American, he was granted U.S. citizenship in February 2020.
// Luis Cornelio es el English Editor-in-Chief de El American. Después de graduarse cum laude de la Escuela Colin Powell de Liderazgo Civil y Global, pasó a ser pasante de la Heritage Foundation. Recientemente, participó en la campaña de reelección del presidente Donald Trump escribiendo artículos de investigación sobre temas como la ley y el orden, la inmigración y la Corte Suprema. Actualmente trabaja como director de Comunicaciones de Got Freedom y es investigador para el grupo de integridad electoral, el Amistad Project. Un dominicano-americano, se le otorgó la ciudadanía americana en febrero de 2020.

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