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South Park called out actress Meghan Markle in latest episode and it’s hilarious

A Comedy Central South Park episode called “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” made fun of Meghan Markle, 41, and Prince Harry, 38, and their intention to go to the States in order to pursue a quiet life. Markle is reportedly not too pleased about it.

According to a source who spoke to the Spectator, the duchess/actress is “upset and overwhelmed” by the episode and “annoyed by ‘South Park,’ but refuses to watch it all.”

Even a royal analyst speculated that the incident would result in legal action.


The pair was not specifically mentioned in “South Park,” which opened the show with a warning that all characters are fictitious, including those who are based on actual people.

The episode’s characters, known as “the prince and his wife,” are characterized as Canadian nobility who relocate to a fictitious village for solitude and look just like the royal couple, according to viewers.

However, after reports came out of Meghan Markle being offended by the episode, the official twitter account of South Park posted a couple of tweets clearly referring to the incident and the couple:

The “wife” figure is referred to as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer and victim,” which is obviously a reference to Markle, to which she responds, “Yes, that’s totally me.”

In the popular cartoon program, the “fictitious” pair begs for solitude while attracting attention, such as in a scene where they go on “Good Morning Canada” to sell the prince’s new book, “Waaagh,” which is a parody of Prince Harry’s actual memoir, “Spare.”

The Prince’s book has been widely publicized by the mainstream media and it portrays a horrible, narcissistic tale of whining and complaining about how hard his life was while living at the expense of his family’s wealth, and of course, the taxpayers. (This is my short rant of the report for which we have to set it as an opinion piece)

Before talking about the memoirs, they enter their talk show appearance carrying posters requesting privacy.

The Prince and the duchess/actress have done this in the past, which is precisely what makes both the episode and the clip so funny. They both have claimed their wish to live a private life while publishing a long documentary on Netflix about their private life.

The show “Good Morning Britain” got a comment from a royal insider on Friday who talked about what the Buckingham Palace might think of the episode.

“William, I’m sure, doesn’t watch ‘South Park,’ “But I reckon one of his friends will have seen it on social media and [sent a clip his way].”… “I think he’s probably seen it and will have had a wry smile on his face [when watching].”

Another royal expert expressed to Fox Business that if Meghan Markle was offended then she was “looking at a mirror”. Watch:

The couple reportedly dismissed the possibility of taking legal actions against South Park creators, according to a spokesperson, People Magazine reported: “It’s all frankly nonsense. Totally baseless, boring reports.” The spokesperson said.

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