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Spain Demands Cuba ‘Immediately Release’ ABC Journalist

Acosta was detained on Monday by the Cuban political police as she was leaving her home, from which work equipment such as her computer was taken.

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Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares confirmed on Tuesday the detention in Cuba of journalist Camila Acosta, correspondent of the Spanish daily ABC, and called for her “immediate release.”

Albares included this request in a message on Twitter in which he defended the right of Cubans to demonstrate “freely and peacefully” and asked the island’s authorities to respect it.

The Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE) also demanded the release of the journalist, in a statement in which it denounced that she was detained “for reporting on the protest demonstrations that are taking place on the Caribbean island.”

FAPE demanded the withdrawal of the charges against Acosta, who may be prosecuted for alleged crimes against state security, and asked the Spanish government to take an interest in the situation of the correspondent and to take the necessary steps for her release without charges.

The federation condemned the aggressions and other arrests of journalists that have taken place in Cuba in recent days while covering protest demonstrations.

One of those attacked is Spanish photojournalist Ramón Espinosa, of the Associated Press agency, it said.

He also demanded that Cuba take responsibility for the safety of journalists and respect the free exercise of journalism, which is fundamental to guaranteeing citizens’ right to information.

“Harassment of correspondents is usually aimed at preventing them from reporting facts that, without their work, would remain hidden,” FAPE stressed.

Acosta was detained on Monday by the Cuban political police as she was leaving her home, from which they took work equipment such as her computer, for alleged crimes against state security, an accusation that is often used in the country against dissidents, according to ABC.

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