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Spanish President Rules Out Arms Shipments to Ukraine

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The President of Spain ruled out sending arms to Ukraine, as other European countries have suggested. He said so in an interview on RTVE. He indicated that Spain will continue to support the Ukrainian government through the European Union (EU), which allows sending up to 450 million euros in offensive material.

Spain’s support to Ukraine

The Spanish president also took the opportunity to emphasize that his government has already contributed with humanitarian aid and protective material such as helmets or bulletproof vests after Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory.

Sanchez also indicated that he does not contemplate increasing defense spending and maintained that there will be sanctions as long as Russian troops do not withdraw. “Putin is trying to divide the EU, and he has found an EU that has been categorical. Not only the territorial integrity of Ukraine is at stake here, but also the security of the European project,” said Sanchez.

He added that “Unity is very important, I am grateful for the support of the opposition, I have received the advice of all the former presidents, of different ideologies.”

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