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What is Known About the Sphere that Washed Up on a Beach in Japan?

¿Qué se sabe de la esfera que apareció en una playa de Japón?, EFE

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In recent weeks, mysterious events have attracted the attention of the whole world. The most recent was the appearance of a giant sphere on a beach in Japan, which, although authorities say it was removed from the site, remains under investigation.

The local authorities of Hamamatsu detailed that the object will be stored for a period of time and then disposed of. They also verified that it was not an explosive before moving it.

According to information gathered by BBC News, the authorities cordoned off the place and made X-ray examinations that confirmed that it was an object that was safe. In fact, several citizens claim that it is only a buoy.

“I can’t believe officials in a country surrounded by ocean don’t recognize a spherical buoy,” one person said, according to the BBC.

Despite assurances that it is a buoy, the authorities have not confirmed this information. American media have attempted to contact the local police, but have not received a response.

Japan joins the mystery of other countries

The situation comes at a time when several countries are on alert following the appearance of several unidentified flying objects in countries such as the United States, Canada and China.

The last one reported was one flying over the Canadian border. Authorities explained last week that they are investigating the three objects, whose origin and purpose is unknown. The appearance of the objects occurred days after a Chinese balloon arrived on American territory and days after the Government authorized its downing.

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Latin American countries have also placed an alert. For example, authorities in Uruguay explained that they are investigating a sighting of lights in the sky.

“The Uruguayan Air Force informs that due to the reports received on the night of Friday, February 10, about the sighting of flashing lights in the sky in the area of Termas de Almirón, department of Paysandú, the intervention of the CRIDOVNI ( Commission for the Reception and Investigation of Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects) has been arranged, which has deployed investigators in that area of the country to gather information and interview witnesses, in order to initiate the investigation”, commented the authorities in a statement published in their official web page.

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