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Spoiler Free: Netflix’s Beckett, When Your Government Abandons You Overseas

Spoiler Free: Beckett (Netflix), cuando tu gobierno te abandona en el extranjero

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Spoiler Free is a show on El American that streams live every Thursday via YouTube and Twitter Spaces. In it, we analyze movies and series that allow us to discuss current issues or topics of interest. On this occasion, our analysts Juan Felipe Vélez and Ignacio M. García Medina talked about one of the latest Netflix releases, the film Beckett.

Starring John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington, Beckett is a political thriller, a genre that became popular in the 70s. An American tourist in Greece gets involved in a political conspiracy by accident and begins to be persecuted by perpetrators to prevent him from testifying about what he has seen.

spoiler free beckett
John David Washington. (Source: EFE)

Although its production is not high-budget — and it shows — the film generates an atmosphere of paranoia, loneliness and abandonment around the character quite effectively. It manages to convey well the feeling of seeing yourself persecuted and helpless before powers that be, and that those who are supposed to defend you do not do so, or even end up being hostile.

The film takes place in Greece and is set a few years ago, against the backdrop of the rise of the extreme left and right-wing political parties during Europe’s intervention in the Hellenic country.

Oblivious to the political situation, Beckett’s character becomes involved in something that neither concerns him nor does he understand. The same thing happens to us as spectators: we never understand exactly the conspiracy, you are only guided by the instinct of survival.

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Being left to your own devices in a foreign country inevitably draws parallels to the situation many Americans must be going through in Afghanistan, which coincidentally happened at the same time as the film’s release on Netflix.

The film also deals with issues such as police corruption. Interestingly, with respect to the ongoing “Defund the Police” movements in America, both its protagonist John David Washington and his father Denzel Washington have been very critical, standing up as defenders of law enforcement and commending the selfless work that most of them carry out.

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