Spoiler Free: Netflix Ruins ‘He-Man’ in Remake of 80’s Classic

On the latest Spoiler Free show we had special guest youtuber Una Alienada to talk about the He-Man remake released by Netflix.

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Spoiler Free is a weekly show that airs live every Thursday on El American’s YouTube channel. On Spoiler Free we analyze and discuss movies, series and popular culture, and this time we talked about the Netflix remake woke of the popular 80’s animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

In this program, El American analysts Ignacio García and Salomé López have had the presence of a very special guest, the youtuber Una Alienada, who has joined the review of Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

During the debate we agreed that Netflix has once again put its progressive political agenda ahead of quality. While the series is very well done technically —although the rotoscoping technique of the original He-Man is missed— it fails greatly in the script and characters.

Kevin Smith, once Hollywood’s enfant terrible who boasted of putting his creative freedom before the dictates of executives, this time seems to have aligned himself completely with corporate interests, which seek to impose a feminist narrative.

It is clear that in this remake all the male characters have been killed off. He-Man has been literally killed —twice— and the rest have been deconstructed, figuratively killing everything they were.

The series tries to make us swallow spoonfuls of feminism in an almost ridiculous way, resorting to making Teela the real protagonist, who apart from sporting the typical feminist haircut a la Mega Rapinoe, is a masculinized woman, with all the powers and no weaknesses, who comes across as arrogant and condescending to the rest of the male characters. It seems that Kevin Smith has used the feminist-approved template woke.

spoiler free
Teela with her standard feminist haircut. (Source: YouTube)

Una Alienada stressed that this “empowerment” of the female characters, what it does is destroy the memory and legacy of the original female protagonists. For example, it reminds us how Evil-Lyn was a badass who helped Skeletor in a self-serving way, as she had her own plans for universe domination. However, the current character complains that Skeletor overshadowed her because she was a woman and would not let her progress. Yet another example of how today’s feminism does not celebrate the achievements of women, but is only dedicated to making believe that they are eternal victims, even in Eternia.

Where to watch Spoiler Free?

Every Thursday, at 8 PM (ET) on El American’s YouTube channel you can watch live the Spoiler Free program, where every week with a special guest we analyze series or movies with an interesting message.

Below you can watch the complete Spoiler Free program about He-Man, with Ignacio García, Salomé López and Una Alienada:

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