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Google Maps Trolls Biden’s Infamous Bike Fall with ‘Brandon Falls’ Location

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President Joe Biden made headlines last month when he fell while riding a bicycle in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The event continues to generate reactions among citizens and now the place where he fell is labeled “Brandon Falls” on Google Maps, referencing the “Let’s Go Brandon” political slogan.

Several citizens have left their comments about the place. For example, one user identified as Shawn Ruby, in a Google Maps review of the location, said it is a nice place to ride a bike.

“Very nice place to ride a bike. Just be careful not to cause too much inflation in your tires or you can end up crashing your whole bike into the ground. But if that happens, just blame Putin. People will ‘fall’ for it!,” he wrote.

There are several messages similar to Ruby’s. “Biden’s face-plant into the concrete while riding his bike is the perfect analogy for the U.S. economy that he’s been steering into the ground,” wrote another person identified as Carl O’Donoghue.

The slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” became an internet phenomenon after NBC’s coverage of a NASCAR race in Alabama on Oct. 2 last year. A reporter was interviewing driver Brandon Brown for his win that day while in the background the audience could be heard chanting “Fuck Joe Biden!,” a chant that has become popular at sporting events.

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When the reporter noticed the crowd chant seeping into the audio of her interview, she told the interviewee (and viewers) that the crowd was cheering him on with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon!” The phrase went viral on social media and dozens of memes were posted on his behalf. Meanwhile, it was clear that NBC was trying to cover up criticism of President Biden.