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State Department Memo Encouraged U.S. Embassies to Fly BLM Flag

On anniversary of George Floyd’s death, Biden encouraged U.S. consulates to use terminology in solidarity with BLM

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In commemoration of the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin, the U.S. State Department urged and encouraged its consulates around the world to show solidarity with the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The State Department’s encouragement to its consulates came via a memo revealed by Jack Posobiec through Human Events.

“The memo, which is in part a woke statement on social justice, part an apology for U.S. actions, and part an endorsement of all BLM materials, expressly encourages the display of the BLM flag or banner at U.S. facilities (except on the actual flagpole that holds the American flag),” Posobiec writes.

The contents of the memo in support of the BLM agenda

The memo opens with the following summary: “May 25 marks one year since the brutal murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.Last year, the horrificvideo of Mr. Floyd’s final 9 minutes and 29 seconds went viral and spurred Black Lives Matter protests worldwide, in response tohis senseless killing and todemand an end to systemic racism and police brutality.”

The BLM agenda is supported by the State Department, despite the fact that the country was engulfed in violence last year. (Image: Flickr)

The State Department adds in its summary that “one year later, many in the international community will honor Mr. Floyd and acknowledge the long journey nations faceto advance racial justice. Leading up to May 25, the Department has issued guidance on the use of Black Lives Matter language, banners, and flags”

The memo explains that George Floyd’s death sparked a series of anti-racist movements seeking to end the alleged legacy of “colonialism” in today’s political-social system.

“This tragedy joined a long line of Black men and women who have suffered at the hands of police brutality. These national and global protests sparked a movement to confront systems perpetuating deep-seated inequities rooted in colonialism and the oppression of racial, tribal, ethnic, and other minority communities,” it adds.

Thus, based on the alleged problem of “institutional racism,” the Biden-Harris administration approved the use of propaganda akin to the BLM organization, whose founders are avowed Marxists and has direct ties to international communist groups such as the Sao Paulo Forum.

“The Department supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content, speeches, and other diplomatic engagements with foreign audiences to advance racial equity and access to justice on May 25 and beyond. We encourage posts to focus on the need to eliminate systemic racism andits continued impact,” explains the State Department’s memorandum in support of the BLM agenda.

Part of the BLM agenda goes against traditional U.S. values. (Archive)

While the memo approves the “display of a BLM flag on the flagpole,” it also clarifies that it is not a requirement, but rather an authorization and should be considered by the chief of mission depending on the local context.

Over the past year, particularly in the summer, the United States has been plunged into a major spiral of violence following protests against police brutality and institutional racism. The demonstrations, many of them peaceful, turned violent, giving way to looting, vandalism of public and private property. There were also physical confrontations between civilians and police.

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